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Transformational Life Coaching
Life coaching is an individual work with a person which supports him in reaching personal goals. We are using different tools and techniques which help you to reveal most important values, set goals and reach them, harmonize various aspects of your life, understand and transform inner barriers and limiting patterns.

In many cases coaching focuses on behavior and environment of the client, helps to formulate goals and create and implement plans to reach them. We are using Transformational life coaching approach which means working with the client in a deeper level. It includes goal-setting and its realization plan but it also includes: revealing most important values, matching goals with personal values and mission, harmonization of conflicting values, revealing and transformation of unconscious beliefs and decisions which are creating negative patterns and difficulties in your life. It also includes awakening and activation of your best internal resources and potential.

Good news is that all this transformation is possible to have online, spending less time and money for deep transformation of your life.

Executive coaching
Executive coaching focuses on personal and professional development through better awareness, more effective action, skills development, learning and growth. It supports you to set goals and develop action plans, identify development opportunities, analyze your behavior and improve performance.

Executive coaching is very helpful for leaders, managers, executives and entrepreneurs to improve personal effectiveness and reach amazing results in their business. We offer both flexible one-on-one sessions as well as special designed program (6-month duration) based on your needs and goals. This can include 360-degree feedback and work with your team to assure maximum awareness and perfect results.

We believe that your potential is much higher than your current performance. And the objective of our executive program is to revive and realize your potential transforming your behavior, your life and your business.

Corporate workshops
Discussion of any new idea, project or an issue becomes much more effective with special designed methodologies and approaches. We are offering number of workshop formats – starting from large group discussions methods to special designed games to make your discussions fruitful and enjoyable. The formats are designed in a way to generate ideas, engage all the participants into the discussed topic, create trustful and friendly atmosphere and promote exchange of ideas and thoughts among participants.
Choosing the right format depends on number of participants, the discussion topic and desired outcomes. We will be glad to present more information upon your enquiry.

Psychological profiling
Profiling is a methodological approach of no-test assessment of psychological characteristics of a person. It allows you to better understand the motivation, thinking and behavioral strategies of a person, his/her most important values and criteria. You will understand why this person will ever go into conflict and how will behave in a conflict situation. You can predict the management and teamwork approach of a person. And all of these patterns are analyzed through an interview, without using any tests. Why we do not use tests? Because while answering to the test questions, one is giving the best conscious answer but in most cases (especially in stressful situation) we are acting quickly and do not thinking and choosing the best type to behave. This is the reason of why our behavior in real life is so much different from the test results. We are perfectly combining different profiling approaches such as meta-programs, emotions, analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication, psycho-types and enneagram to reveal all the information which is necessary to understand and effectively interact with a person. And still, the process is very simple and easy for the person who is passing profiling. All the analysis are done based on a 40-minute interview. No tests. No long-term assessment. Just 40-minutes talking about yourself and what is important for you. And the results will be really useful and sometimes very surprising.
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