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Enneagram! A perfect tool to discover human personalities
(part 2)
What is their deepest motivation, why are they behaving in their own specific way, what are their unconscious needs and fears... these are just some of the questions which you can answer through ENNEAGRAM.
This article continues the previous one and briefly describes enneatypes 4-9.
Remember, that identifying your enneatype is just the beginning of the valuable journey that Enneagram can take you to. You can start exploring your own personality, improve your self-awareness and reach more harmonized and healthy state of mind. The Enneagram model is also a perfect tool for understanding the people who are important to you but sometimes are not so understandable.
If you haven't found yourself in the first 3 enneatypes, then continue reading the article.

4. The Individualist. One of the most emotional personality types, 4s strive to understand themselves and be self-aware and authentic. They are emotionally honest, creative and bring their unique individual approach to whatever they are doing. Being focused on self-expression, 4s often become writers, musicians, artists. But 4s are living their personal drama because they not only focus on their differences but more on deficiencies. They often feel like they are missing something in themselves and they are not like other «normal» people. At their best, 4s are very creative, inspired, emotionally honest and self-aware. At their worst, 4s become self-inhibiting, depressed and alienated from self and others.

5. The Thinker. Another name is the Investigator. 5s are truly interested to investigate the world around them, to observe the situation and predict what will happen next. Being concentrated on developing complex ideas and knowledge, they can also become emotionally (and sometimes also physically) isolated from other people. 5s strive to understand how the world works, they are asking questions, go into deep and do not accept dogmatic opinions. But behind their huge interest is their feeling of being insecure in their own abilities to function successfully in this world. At their best, 5s are visionaries, knowledge pioneers, curious and intelligent. At their worst, they are isolated from other people and reality, sometimes becoming cynical and argumentative.

6. The Loyalist. Another name is the Skeptic. Being the most security-oriented types, 6s are permanently living in the fear that something may go wrong. They foresee all the worst future scenarios trying to be prepared for that. Being skeptical not only towards the surrounding word, but also toward their own self, 6s are seeking for support and hence are good team-workers. The most loyal and reliable enneatype. At their best, 6s are responsible, reliable, hard-working and cooperative. At their worst, they become panicky, feeling defenseless and self-destructive.

7. The Enthusiast. 7s live in dreams and visions. They seek for new adventures and exciting experiences. This makes 7s extremely curios, joyful, high-spirited and enthusiastic but sometimes also undisciplined and impatient. They may seem to be the most happy enneatype, but this is not because they are lucky not to have problems. They just do not focus on negative aspects and try to avoid any negative moments and feelings. They keep this out of their conscious mind. At their best, 7s are joyful, spontaneous and cheerful, spreading their enthusiasm and joy to everyone around them. At worst, they can become impulsive and infantile, try to get free of every rule and relationship.

8. The Confronter. Another name is the Challenger. They are strong, self-confident, full of energy and courage. 8s seek for power and can easily go to conflict for that. They divide all the people into strong whom they respect and weak whom they control. Due to strong strive to power, sometimes they become confrontational and over-dominating. But in the deep of their heart, 8s are very kind and feel responsible for other people around them. They can show their kindness and soft side only to the most close persons. At their best, 8s are resourceful, heroic and protective. At worst, they become egocentric and dictatorial.

9. The Peacemaker.
Another name is the Mediator. 9s are the most harmonic and accepting personalities. They are very good listeners and create peace and harmony around them. 9s hate conflicts and they would rather sacrifice their own needs than stand for it and fight against other people. 9s hate even those confrontations which do not directly touch them but are happening with other people arround them. This makes them minimize everything which can create potential troubles or upset themselves or others. At their best, 9s bring people together and heal conflicts. At worst, they are neglectful and dissociated, inert and lazy.

Enneagram is a wonderful model which describes the structure of your personality and helps to improve your life.
If you want to learn more about this model, discover your enneatype or get one to one coaching for designing your own way of self-development, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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