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COACH: The Inner State Of
Best Effectiveness
(part 2)
The COACH model explains our special inner state where we are most effective, where we feel ourselves full of energy and relaxed in the same time, where we can manage our relations with other people in the best way and where we can easily analyze and solve the problems.
This article continues the previous one and describes the remaining elements of the COACH model. The first two elements where being Centered and Open. These two already mean that you will feel your body and utilize its resources and energy in the best way, as well as be open and constructive in your emotions and emphatic towards other people's emotions. Let's see what comes next.

3. The next element of the COACH model is A – AWARE. This means that our mind and our thoughts are focused on what is happening now. And then, our mind fulfills its function and helps us act in the reality.. When we are focused and concentrated, we are able to perceive the reality without or with minimal deformation and then we can analyze and find the best solution or behavior in present time. The worst situation is that our thoughts take us away from the reality. For example, if during the night you think about your previous conversation with a colleague and can't sleep. Then, in the morning, you are tired and can't be focused because you haven't slept well. Then, because if this, you gain even more problems at your work with your colleagues. Then, you come to home in the evening already depressed and you aren't really able to pay enough attention to your family, to be present with them, because you're thinking about your problems at work... So, as you see, this wheel is turns and turns without stopping and makes all our life a real chaos. And that is why we really need to be AWARE, when our mind is there in our body (not in the past, not in the future), when we are attentive towards our reality and interested in people who are with us at each moment of our life, when we can notice what is going on around us and can react accordingly and make good decisions in timely manner. Thus, we transform thus wheel, making it effective and as a result we transform our life.

These three elements of the COACH model – centered, open and aware – are the necessary precondition for the remaining two. To some extent, the last two aspects are the consequences of these the first three ones.

4. So, we if we are centered and present in our body, if we are open to our emotions and to emotions of other people and if our mind is focused and aware on what is going on right now, then we gain a state that is called CONNECTED. First, this is about being connected with ourselves and of course, also with other people. This means that we are connected with our body, with our energy, with our thoughts and emotions and in the same time we feel other people around us.

5. And the second amazing consequence of this state is called HOLD. It's the feeling of having the control in its best meaning. It's the feeling that I control my life, I control my reality, I control the current situation where I am present right now. And whatever happens from outside, I can manage it. I am confident that I will not lose the situation whatever happens. Why it's called HOLD, because you are keeping or holding the space or the field around you.

So, let's repeat again. The COACH model explains our special inner state where we are most effective, where we feel ourselves full of energy and relaxed in the same time, where we can manage our relations with other people in the best way and where we can easily analyze and solve the problems. And the five elements of the COACH state are:
CENTERED – feeling present in your body
OPEN – being open to all of the emotions of yourself and other people
AWARE – keeping your mind focused and concentrated in present time
CONNECTED – with yourself and with other people
HOLD – keeping the control of your present situation in particular and of your life in general

And, you will probably ask – of course I understand, that being in the COACH state is very important. But how to keep this state? How to be in COACH state when a drunk driver crashes on your car in the freeway, when your angry boss comes to work and continues gripping all the day, when your wife is never happy and always needs more clothes in her shelve or when your answer prefers football more than spending time with you. How to maintain your COACH state in all these situations? Well, from the very ancient times to our modern age where all the technologies are so developed, people haven't invented a better way for this than the following. If you train yourself in COACH state when everything is peaceful and when you really have time and energy for this, then your body and your brain can keep that state easily when the world goes crazy arround you. You cannot start thinking about keeping COACH state when something extremely negative happens in your life. But, if you continously train yourself to be always in COACH state, then, when something bad happens, you will have more chance to keep your COACH state and overcome all the difficulties much easier than you would do this without COACH state. How to do this? Well, the good news is that not only the inforation technologies are very developed now, but also psychological technologies are. And there are huge amount of tools and methods that will help you to recover and maintain your COACH state and make your life better and transform the world arround you.

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