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Tired all the time? Where has all your energy gone and how to get it back?
Explore your personal reasons of lack of energy and... start recovering it NOW!
In our reality, huge number of people are suffering from lack of energy. And, of course, there are a lot of reasons for that, e.g. sitting all the time behind the computer, air pollution, stress, bad food etc. But, to some extent, we believe in all of these causes as excuses for us. And, as an excuse, each of them works perfectly. Of course, what can you do with these reasons? You cannot clean-up the air or change the global tendencies. But, look around and you will see some people who are living and working in the same conditions but they have plenty of energy. Obviously, our energy totally depends on us. And this is the good news. Because you can start recovering all your energy today.
I suggest you to go beyond all the above mentioned «excuses» and find out the inner reasons of why you are tired all the time and do not have energy to fully enjoy your life. Ready? Let's go!

  1. Negative emotions. First of all, it is important to mention. There are no negative emotions. Each emotion has its function and brings something good to our life. For example, anger comes when we need to fight for something which is important for us (our values, life, important people), fear is there to protect us, sadness comes to show that we are losing something that is important for us and we shouldn't let it go. So, the feelings and emotions are our burning lights to notice our inner processes and act accordingly. But, we do not always act in an appropriate way. For example, we might become angry because somebody is breaks our boundaries all the time but we do not react accordingly and instead we are trying to suppress our anger. And the same is with other emotions which we consider as negative and instead of noticing them and accepting the advice they are bringing to us, we are suppressing them and trying to hide from other people and even from ourselves. And a huge amount of energy goes first of all to keep these emotions inside our body, not let them come outside and influence our life. And, in the same time, we do not make the necessary changes in our life which our negative emotions come to inspire us for and as a result we suffer from lack of enthusiasm and energy.
  2. Unfulfilled desires. Our mind and energy interact in a very special, I would say magical way. As soon as we have a desire, wish, dream or goal, the energy necessary for fulfillment of that wish is immediately separated from all of our energy and focused on our special objective. And it remains somewhere there separated from our overall energy until we fulfill our dream. That means that each time you set a goal, make a wish and you do not realize it, you are taking away certain amount of your energy and just store it somewhere. As soon as you fulfill the objective, the separated energy will come back to you for use of further goals and dreams. So, if you feel lack of energy, make a list of all your wishes, dreams, goals and even ideas which you have decided but haven't fulfilled so far. It can be something big, like starting a business or buying a house or visiting a specific country, or something small, like going to the theathre or buying a dress which you want for a long time. As soon as you have the list, start realizing all the items and check them out from your list. Soon, you will notice that you get a huge energy every time you striking out an item from your list. And this is because you are absolving the energy which was dedicated for fulfillment of that specific task.

To be continued...

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