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Tired all the time? Where has all your energy gone and how to get it back?
(part 2)
Explore your personal reasons of lack of energy and... start recovering it NOW!
In the first part of this article we have discussed two black holes for your energy – negative emotions and unfulfilled desires.
I hope you explored these topics for yourself and have already started to get rid of these causes.
If not, well, you can start doing that NOW.
In meanwhile, let us continue exploring some more reasons that can result to low energy.

3. Unhealthy relationships. Obviously, our relations to other people are crucial for our health and happiness. All, absolutely all of our psychological needs can be fulfilled only through interaction with other people. We can get love, respect, support and other important values only if we have healthy relations with people who are important to us.

But sometimes relations become unhealthy. Sometimes instead of fulfilling the psychological need of both sides, relations are starting to «rob» our energy. And this happens because if you do not get what you need from an important person, you are starting snatch it away. And the same does your partner. Of course, this makes us feel tired and unhealthy first of all with this person and if the relationship continues, it also negatively impacts our overall life. So, think about most important relationships in your life – with husband/life, parents, children, closest friends, colleagues whom you are spending most part of your day. Are these relations healthy? If not, than what should be changed? What can you improve? We will explore relations in a separate article (or even two or three or ten). As for now, just try to think about it and pay attention to your feelings and intuition.

4. Focusing on what you have to do instead of what you want to do. When we are doing something, we are spending some amount of energy on that. But the good news is that when have motivation and desire to do this action, we are excited while doing that job, we get amount energy which is more than we need for implementation of that task. This is how it works. Thus, you can work really hard and do a lot of job during the day and still have plenty of energy and not feel tired at all. But it works only if we want to do the job and tasks we are doing. And it works vise versa. If you are doing something that you do not want to do but you have to do, you are still spending your energy but you do not get it back. And that is why you become tired and feel lack of energy. So, what I suggest you to do? Make a list of your most common activities that you are doing during the day. This can be tasks for your job, housework, childcare etc. And then, put a mark for each activity mentioning whether you are doing it because you want to, or you only have to. Of course, it can be both. For example, if you are a mother who takes care of her children and you are really enjoying it, then put the mark «want» though it is understandable that this is kind of also obligatory activity, but it works like a «do what you want» mechanism. If you have more «have to» than «want to», this can be a reason of why you always feel tired and out of energy.

5. Health issues. Of course, if you have health problems, this can be the reason of feeling tired and exhausted. We will not focus on health aspects in frames of this blog. You should better consult with a doctor. But please also do not forget that most of our health issues have psychosomatic reasons. So, you may also explore these reasons with support of a coach. And in most cases, good coaching helps clients to have better physical.

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